Hotel Ait Omar

Kasbah Hotel N'Kob, Marokko

Kasbah Hotel Ait Omar
N’Kob, Provinz Zagora

Tel: 00212 (0) 524 839 981
Fax: 00212 (0) 524 839 981

Welcome to the Kasbah Hotel Ait Omar!

Would you like to travel to the south-east of Morocco, enjoy the charm of a Kasbah and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the Moroccan Tamazight (pronounced Tamazirt)?

Would you like to leave the daily grind behind you, wind down or simply treat yourself to a break in an extraordinary atmosphere? Would you like to recharge your batteries, find your creative inner-self, be active without feeling under pressure to do things all the time, and not put up with annoying entertainment? Do you crave for a unique holiday?

Then, welcome to Kasbah Hotel Ait Omar!

Whether you want to travel alone or in a group, with children or, as a lone female, you are looking for a safe environment for your Moroccan holiday, Ait Omar will not just meet all your requirements but will probably exceed all your expectations. By the way, on rooms are also suitable for people with restricted mobility.

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