Hotel Ait Omar

Kasbah Hotel N'Kob, Marokko

Kasbah Hotel Ait Omar
N’Kob, Provinz Zagora

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Step-by-step in harmony

The Kasbah Hotel Ait Omar is the perfect starting point for walking or cycling tours, trekking, explorations and sightseeing:

The nearby Djebel Saghro (or Djebel Sahrho) desert mountain chain is the driest ridge of the Atlas Mountains in south-east Morocco. Nestled between the Dades Valley in the north and the Drâa Valley in the south, the 400 km chain of peaks which reaches a height of just under 2800 m, is a spectacular trekking area with diverse tors, flat-topped mountains and ravines, craggy ridges and fertile oases.

Trekking and walking in the Saghro mountains is a real insiders’ tip for everyone here in the south-east of Morocco to find what they are searching for:

Unspoilt, pure and unadulterated nature, solitude, peace and many sporting challenges, for example, mountain climbing, walking or biking. Fascinating patterns of light and shadow, treeless expanse, deserted landscape and rock formations of monumental beauty:

Memorable experiences and impressions, which step-by-step reconcile body and spirit.

We recommend taking a local guide to accompany you on longer tours. We would be glad to provide you with suitable and trustworthy contacts.

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